6.3 release notes

October 8, 2020

This page describes release information relating to all Matrix 6.3 versions including patch releases.


The following improvements were introduced in this version of Matrix.

Improved main panel UI architecture

The backend UI’s main panel architecture has been upgraded significantly to improve how all screens load and save within the UI.

The notable difference with this new architecture is that the main panel no longer loads through an iframe. Removing iframe dependencies improves the front-end performance of how screens are loaded and saved across all areas of Matrix 6. The move away from iframes also provides more flexibility in how future UI improvements and features are added to the product.

Important changes

Terminology changes

The following terminology changes apply to this release.

Matrix 5.5 Matrix 6

Simple edit layout

Custom edit layout

Edit Mode Suffix

Inline edit mode suffix

Layouts screen

Custom edit layouts screen

Layouts Manager

Custom edit layout manager

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes were introduced in this version of Matrix.


October 8, 2020

  • Fixed a couple of issues with asset builders that prevented them from creating or editing assets.

  • Fixed a layout issue where long enough screen names would extend past the width of the screen navigation drop-down menu.

  • Fixed a layout issue where the asset icon image for the root folder asset would sometimes appear to be too large.

  • Fixed an issue where shadow assets would use their parent asset in the screen header instead of the shadow asset itself.

  • Fixed a layout issue where the status color for “Approved to go live" would not appear in status selector fields.

  • Fixed a broken link in the asset tree footer for the version number that goes to the Matrix release notes page of the documentation website.

  • Fixed an issue where WYSIWYG components DOM structure would incorrectly wrap on the content screen in read-only mode.

  • Fixed an issue where contextualized metadata fields would not revert correctly to their previous values when canceling safe edit on an asset.

  • Fixed a few minor layout issues with WYSIWYG metadata fields when used in custom edit layouts.


October 14, 2020

  • Fixed an issue where some data was not able to be saved when using custom edit layouts.

  • Fixed an issue where the custom class field on components would not save when using the page builder.

  • Fixed an issue where the asset tree would incorrectly scroll multiple times when using the Find in asset tree feature.

  • Fixed an issue where the loading overlay would not be visible when saving or acquiring and releasing locks.

  • Fixed an issue where the asset creator would create duplicate assets if you used the keyboard shortcut for submitting the creation form.

  • Fixed an issue where toggle form elements would sometimes not work.

  • Fixed an issue where the WYSIWYG inline toolbar was positioned off-screen.

  • Fixed an issue where acquiring locks on an asset that requires a HIPO job to be run would hide the scroll bars after the HIPO job finishes.