6.29 release notes

May 18, 2023

This page describes release information for all Matrix 6.29 versions, including patch releases.

New features

The following new features were introduced in this Matrix release.

Resource browser for Matrix integration with Component Service

The Component Service editing experience in Matrix is improved in this release by adding the resource browser. Using a browsing-based experience, you can add images and links within a component’s formatted text area without depending on the asset tree.

Read the Component Service documentation for detailed usage instructions.

Asset Management API PATCH method accepts contextid

The asset management API PATCH method to the /assets path now accepts an optional contextid query string parameter.

This query string parameter lets you set the attributes and metadata in the provided context. Metadata or attributes are contextualized as part of this operation if not already contextualized for the provided context ID.

Content Delivery API adds new query parameters for filtering assets

Content Delivery API version 1.3.0 is now available with the following new features:

  • To filter out asset_types in the Asset Children endpoint, use the exclamation mark ! in front of the asset type code as part of the asset_types query parameter.

  • To filter out system assets from the Asset Children endpoint, use the exclude_system_assets query parameter. This parameter defaults to false and can be either true or false.

Important updates

SAML account manager assets now support customized Entity IDs

Matrix now allows Entity IDs to be customized on SAML account manager assets configured using the Matrix UI. This feature allows SAML Identity Providers (IdPs) that require specifically formatted SP entity IDs to be fully configured from the Matrix UI, allowing IdPs such as Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory to work with Squiz Matrix SaaS instances. You can configure the Entity ID in the Details screen  General settings section providing the Authentication source is set This SAML Account Manager.

Bug fixes

The following bugs were resolved in this version of Matrix.


Standalone inline edit mode should not show the Add component button (MATRIX-4593)

The add and remove component buttons made users think these actions were possible when using inline edit mode outside the Matrix administration interface. The buttons were removed for components in inline edit mode when shown outside the Matrix administration interface, which removes any possible confusion about functionality.

Search results overflow for non-root users (MATRIX-5452)

Quick search results were always aligned with the left of the search input. When non-root users used quick search, the returned results overran the display area. Quick search results now move to the left to fit if they would be displayed off-screen.

Duplicating tree when teleported and binoculars are used (MATRIX-5506)

When an asset was teleported, a hidden copy of the asset tree was opened when the binoculars were used. Two copies of the tree were sometimes visible. The asset tree now consistently uses one copy of the tree, removing the possibility of seeing duplicated asset trees when teleporting.

Teleporting causes Asset Tree refreshes to not occur (MATRIX-5520)

When dragging an asset in a teleported view, the target parent was '1' (the root node of the Matrix system). This state meant that the teleported assets could escape their parent teleported root node. Validation checks were added to prevent assets from being dragged outside their teleported root nodes.

Status changer links to asset workflow screen frame directly (MATRIX-5527)

The link to the Workflow screen was formatted incorrectly in the asset status panel for assets in a workflow state. The workflow screen was loaded without the screen header or asset tree. Extra details were added to the link, which makes the link load correctly when followed from the asset status panel.

Previewing a bold style change and comparing the draft and published document in preview shows the rest of the content in bold (MATRIX-5545)

If a user compared draft and published pages and set a text selection to bold or italic in the comparison preview, the rest of the content was also impacted. The comparison algorithm was updated to keep closing tag context when it does not know what the last opening tag was. Styling tags, such as bold are now closed properly when previewing.