Component Service

The Component Service is a core part of the Squiz DXP that allows you to build decoupled front end components with a modern developer experience. Components make it easy for content editors to edit structured content that implements a design system or drives richer more complex experiences.


  • Getting started

    Start here if you are new to the service and need to know the basics.

  • Core components

    Learn more about the zero-code core components you can use right now with the Page Builder Service.

  • Preview components

    Preview components locally to test their functionality before deploying.

  • Environment variables

    Make your components behave or render differently when used in different component sets.

  • Use static files with your component

    Declare static files correctly in your components.

  • Tutorials

    Learn how to use the Component Service with practical advice.

  • Release notes

    Find out the latest features and fixes for Component Service.