Add environment variables to a component set

To set an environment variable for a component set:

  1. Open the Squiz Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Console

  2. Navigate to the component set you want to use

  3. The component you want to test with must be in the component set. If it is not, add it now.

  4. Select Manage to manage environment variables.

    This image shows the Docs Demo Set component set screen

  5. Select Add variable on the Environment variables pop-up.

    This image shows the pop-up box that appears when you select manage on the component set page. This box contains a button used to add a variable.

  6. Add the variable name to the entry field. In this case, the variable name is BRAND_PRIMARY_COLOR. Select Add.

    This image shows the name of the environment variable added to the input field.

  7. Add a value for the variable name in the entry field below the name.

    This image shows the value for the environment variable that is being added to the field that appears under the variable name.

  8. Select Save