Preview components

The Component Service preview function allows you to create previews with all the supporting files and data needed to show their functionality. The Component Service lets you set up previews for your components to test them locally and share deployed examples with stakeholders.

The components you produce with the Component Service rely on additional context such as input data, static files, and surrounding HTML for formatting.

Use cases

Previews enable two main use cases:

  • Developers can test locally with sample content or pre-set test cases. Previews can be created quickly and used to test locally.

  • The components can be deployed to the Squiz Digital Experience Platform (DXP) so that content editors, marketers, site builders, and other stakeholders can understand the component and how to apply it.

If you want to create a simple and quick preview, follow the instructions in Set up your local preview.

The following documents explain how to set up a Component Service preview: