Add the component to a component set

You must add your component to a component set so that it is available to be used on your site

Create a component set

You create the component set in your DXP instance.

  1. Go to your DXP instance.

  2. Select Component sets.

  3. Enter the following details in the pop-up window:

    1. Name - the name of the component set.

    2. ID - a unique identifier for your set.

    3. Description - a short description of the component set.

  4. Select Create set.

Your new component set will be added to the list on the Component set page.

Add a component to the component set

Now add your new component to the component set.

  1. Select your new component set.

  2. Select Add to set.

  3. Select the component you want to add from the list in the pop-up window. Select Add to set

    This image shows the list of components that are available to be added to this componet set.

  4. On the Add to set pop-up, select the following:

    1. In the Which versions can be rendered section, select All versions.

    2. In the Which versions can editors add to page? section, select Latest available

    3. Leave Exclude specific versions as is.

    4. Select Add to set.

      This image shows a pop-up that allows you to choose between the current version or specify a version.

  5. The component will be added to the component set.

    This image shows the component listed in the component set.