Add your API Identifier to your Site asset in Matrix

Adding your API Identifier to a Matrix CMS Site asset in Matrix makes the underlying Content API key available to the editing experience.

Content such as links, images and related assets added to components can be resolved within the component code for the site.

Before you start


To add the API Identifier to your Site asset in Matrix:

  1. Locate the site asset that you configure token access to through the Content API.

  2. Open the Details screen of the site asset.

  3. In the Component Service API identifier field, paste the Identifier Name value you configured. For example, Site-A_Group-1

    component service api identifier field

  4. Select Save to set the API identifier.

Next steps

By following this tutorial set, you have now configured both Matrix CMS and DXP Console to communicate between each other.

In the steps above, you may have noticed that the other field in the Configuration section of the Details screen is deliberately obscured in the image.

You will learn more about this field in Add a component set to a Matrix site which forms part of the Build a basic Hello World component tutorial.