Getting started


The documentation for the Component Service is primarily aimed at developers.


Read the technology prerequisites for the service in the DXP CLI Get Started section.


The first step to using the Component Service is to install the local development environment so that you can develop and test components locally.

The Component Service uses a local CLI tool . The CLI tool is used to run a local development server and deploy your components to the DXP. Install the CLI tool using Node Package Manager (NPM).

Read the installation instructions for the service in the DXP CLI Get Started section.


If you want to experience building a component locally, you do not need any special Squiz DXP access and can go straight to Installation.

To deploy and manage components as described in Deploy and use your component in Squiz DXP you need Developer access to the Squiz Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Console, with the Component Service enabled. Contact Customer Success if you do not have the Component Service available in Squiz DXP Console.

You can still continue to Installation while you are granted access to save time.

Next steps

Familiarize yourself with the details of the File structure.

Find out how to use the Component Service. Follow the Build and test your first component introductiory tutorial to experience creating a component first-hand.