6.33 release notes

August 30, 2023

This page describes release information for all Matrix 6.33 versions, including patch releases.

Bug fixes

The following bugs were resolved in this version of Matrix.


Backend users can only navigate to the HIPO Herder through URL (MATRIX-4713)

System administrators only had access to the Maintenance  HIPO Herder menu. This restriction prevented other user account types, such as backend users and content editors, from managing their HIPO Herder tasks. Any user with Admin UI access can now access the Maintenance  HIPO Herder menu.

Show Metadata description in Admin through %metadata-F_metadata_values% keyword on Custom Edit Layouts (MATRIX-5031)

Metadata descriptions were not visible in custom edit layouts because they were excluded at a system level. Metadata field descriptions now appear in custom edit layouts as configured on the Metadata screen. The exception is when metadata fields are customized by displaying the field input separately using the %metadata-F_{metadata field id}% keyword.

Account Manager page appends &inline_edit=true to form target, breaking the URL (MATRIX-5479)

The account manager form included a query string parameter to forward to the inline edit interface upon submission. After submission, a user could have been redirected to a screen they did not have permission to view. The query parameter has since been removed when the user is not inside the Admin UI, which makes any account manager page forms work correctly.

Adding a form field using the asset tree results in a blank dialog box (MATRIX-5553)

Custom form fields could only be created from the Details screen of a custom form or section, not through the asset tree. Form fields can now be created through the Create new…​ option from the asset tree menu or through the New option in the menu bar.

Canceling safe edit does not restore deleted context flag (MATRIX-5741)

An issue with the "Cancel Safe Editing" (when using multiple "contexts") logic was that it did not restore the Context checkbox state after canceling a safe edit operation. The state of any changed contexts when canceling safe edit is now validated against the status before activating safe edit.
Given these conditions, the checkbox would not revert to selected after the safe edit operation is canceled:

  1. The checkbox was selected in an alternate context before activating safe edit.

  2. The checkbox was cleared in the alternate context during safe edit.

  3. The safe edit operation was canceled.

This validation logic was also extended to metadata and attributes that change state during a safe edit operation.
REST resource does not connect to a Twitter endpoint with valid credentials (MATRIX-5792)

Customers could not authenticate to a Twitter endpoint using OAuth 1 when the request body contained JSON. When a request content type is specified but is not URL encoded, the request body is excluded from the OAuth 1 signature. This change removes the unsupported content type issue that customers originally encountered.

Add component panel can not load any components with an API identifier but no sets (MATRIX-5855)

The Add component panel assumed it should attempt to fetch Squiz DXP components as a nameless set of the Squiz DXP Components:

  1. Did not have Set IDs configured

  2. A Component Service API identifier was configured against the site containing the page.

Validation was added that now shows components that should appear even if they are not grouped with set IDs.

Update API key location, name, and note on the DXP Services screen (MATRIX-5875)

A minor visual change was made to the DXP Services screen to indicate that the API key field is used for general Squiz DXP services, not just the Component Service.