6.16 release notes

October 25, 2021

This page describes release information relating to all Matrix 6.16 versions including patch releases.


The following improvements were added in this version of Matrix.

Improved experience for managing asset tree parent locations

The new experience for managing asset links has further been improved in this release of Matrix.

Organizing where an asset is located in the asset tree is now much easier with the help of a re-designed view of the parent linking information.

On the new linking screen experience, there is now an additional tab called Parent locations where users can see all the locations under which the current asset is located (linked).

6.16 linking screen parent locations

The experience is similar to managing child assets. You can easily edit the parent location settings for visibility, link value, and link lock.

New locations can also easily be added using the New location button. You can select a new location for the currently selected asset using the asset tree.

Using the options menu of each parent location allows you to move or delete the parent location.

Access to try new experiences is currently only available in Matrix SaaS.

Reference report improvements

The asset reference report has been improved in this release of Matrix.

Each reference to a dependent asset will now also show its main dependent parent.

6.16 reference report before
Figure 1. Reference report appearance before this release
6.16 reference report after
Figure 2. Reference report appearance in this release

This additional context makes it easier to scan and digest the number of different assets referencing the current asset.

If you are using the new linking experience, you can now find this report on the Linking screen by navigating to the References tab.

Minor improvements

The following minor improvements were made in this version of Matrix.

  • Pagination support has now been added to the child assets list in the new linking screen experience.

  • An environment label has been added to the toolbar for SaaS environments to help users identify the type of system they are accessing.

  • A user’s asset locks are now automatically released whenever a user signs out.

  • The file MIME-type check for uploading files has been improved to simplify how you upload a wider range of files as file assets.

  • Better caching has been added to metadata schema assets to improve rendering assets with metadata on the frontend.

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes were resolved in this version of Matrix.

  • Fixed an issue where morphing a text metadata field to a related metadata field would sometimes throw an error and fail.

  • Fixed an issue where cloning an asset in a Safe Edit status would incorrectly clone the Safe Edit content instead of the published content.

  • Fixed an issue where users could sometimes see the names of assets in the Admin UI search results to which they did not have read access.

  • Fixed an issue where loading the Details screen of a DB data source asset would throw an error and cause the screen not to load.

  • Fixed a minor UI issue in the WYSIWYG where the find and replace tool of the code editor would have misaligned text input fields.