System configuration

This documentation explains the screens available in the system configuration section of Matrix.

These screens can only be accessed by the system’s root user or a system administrator and can be viewed by clicking on the System configuration button in the menu bar.

Table of Contents


System configuration screen

Learn how to configure basic settings for your Matrix system.

Configuring contexts

Learn about the options available to system administrators for configuring multi-lingual pages in Matrix sites.

Global preferences

Learn how to configure preferences for all users in the system.

External tools configuration

Learn how to configure the settings for external tools integrated into Matrix.

HIPO configuration

Learn about the highly intensive processing object (HIPO) jobs in Squiz Matrix.

Messaging service configuration

Learn how to configure the messaging service to manage internal messages.

Password rules configuration

Learn how to configure password rules to keep the Matrix system and user accounts secure.

Proxy configuration

Learn how to configure proxy settings to create primary or alternate proxies.