Create search package for your site

This section covers the creation a search package in the DXP search, which is the foundation of your site search.

Create a search package

A search will often include indexes from a set of data sources. This set of data sources are bundled together using a search package, which must be created before you can setup search.

The following steps need to be configured within the DXP search capability.

If you already have a search package and are just adding you website to an existing search then you can skip this step.
  1. From the DXP console select the search capability. This will load the search administration dashboard.

  2. Click the add new search package button.

  3. Enter a name for your search package. This is how you will find the search when you are managing your search then click the continue button.

  4. In the data sources section just click the proceed button. This is where you can add an existing data source to your new search package. As we are creating a new one we can just move on.

  5. You will see a brief summary of what you are creating. Click the finish button to complete the search package initial setup. The search package management screen will automatically load.

Create an initial results page

You will also need a results page to test your search after you’ve created your data source.

  1. Scroll down to the Components section. You will see two tabs:

    • Data sources: these are the different indexes included in your search.

    • Results pages: these are the search results pages and endpoints that you use to search across the attached indexes.

  2. Click the results pages tab then click the create new results page button and follow the wizard to create a new results page.

you can have many results page for your search and each results page can be configured with independent settings that control ranking, the format of results etc.

Setup your data sources

Once the search package is set up you need to add a data source which will hold the index of your matrix site.