6.40 release notes

February 21, 2024

This page describes release information for all Content Management 6.40 versions, including patch releases.

New features

The following features were included in this release:

Merge settings and overflow screen dropdowns (MATRIX-6065)

The Settings menu in the screen header has been removed and consolidated into the More Screens (…) menu. There is now only one menu that contains alternate screens that do not already appear in the screen header of the asset. The menu is the same as the previous Settings menu, with the additional overflow screens added to the top of the first column.

Asset Management API now allows asset publish time when setting an asset to live (MATRIX-6273)

A developer can use the POST /assets/<assetId>/status` endpoint to specify a published_date_time_unix publish time (in Unix epoch time seconds) when changing the status of an asset to live.


curl --request POST \
  --url http://example.com/__management_api/v1/assets/<assetId>/status \ (1)
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data '{
    "status": "live",
    "published_date_time_unix": 1706578939 (2)
1 Replace <assetID> with the asset you want to make live through the API programmatically.
2 The publish date of the asset in Unix Epoch time seconds. Only applicable when combined with the data: status: live status.


HTML output improvements for Page Builder pages (MATRIX-6270)

The HTML output for new content page assets created after this release will not contain a wrapping <div> with the class container. Existing content page assets are unchanged until they are modified and saved. After saving, the <div> will be removed.


<body><div class="container"><span><p>Hello</p></span></div></body>



This improvement was released as part of MATRIX-6270.

Bug fixes

The following bugs were resolved in this version of Content Management.


Binoculars show inaccessible lineages (MATRIX-5643)

The Lineages dialog box displayed by the binoculars icon (for example, in the screen header) did not consider the asset tree views that users had permission to read. The binoculars would show links to asset trees, which users could not view. Selecting the link caused an error message to appear. The Lineages dialog box now considers permissions to read parents in asset lineages. Asset lineages the user cannot access still appear in the dialog box; however, they are no longer clickable links.

Some asset types/screens not available to be disabled (MATRIX-6203)

Some asset types and screens were missing or not working for feature restrictions. The content editing experience was not as simplified as some clients needed for their content authors. The missing and incorrect type codes, and additional screens were added to the feature restrictions screen. Customers can now restrict more asset types and screens for content editors.

Saving formatted text fails when pasting content that defines certain alignment (MATRIX-6284)

The formatted text editor in Page Builder content pages did not support some alignment values that could be pasted from other sources. This problem caused the text alignment to be lost after pasting content into the formatted text block. The unsupported alignment values are now detected on paste and converted to a similar supported value. For example, end becomes right.