Export assets to XML tool

The Export assets to XML tool takes an asset and all its children and exports its details to an XML file. The attributes and links, such as applied designs, permissions, metadata, and nested assets of exported assets, will be maintained so long as all assets are exported together.

The import/export process is not guaranteed across different versions of Matrix.

Once your assets have been exported, the XML file can be used on the Import assets from XML tool to import these assets back into Matrix or into another system. Read Import Assets from XML tool for more information on importing assets back into Matrix.

To export assets using this tool:

  1. Select an asset in the Root node field.

  2. Populate the Links to target parent asset ID field with the asset ID of the selected node’s target parent asset. This asset will be the parent that the asset is created beneath when imported back into Matrix.

  3. To specify additional root nodes to export, click the More…​ button. Additional fields will appear on the screen.

  4. The Self-contained relations only setting allows you to control whether to keep links to assets outside of the exporting root node.

If this field is set to No, these external links will be exported regardless. It is only recommended if you plan on importing to the same instance of Matrix.

This tool is similar to the export_to_xml.php script. Read the Import/export scripts documentation for more information about the available scripts for managing Matrix systems.

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