Export assets to XML tool

The Export assets to XML tool takes an asset and all its children and exports its details to an XML file. The attributes and links, such as applied designs, permissions, metadata, and nested assets of exported assets, will be maintained so long as all assets are exported together.

The tool is available from Tools  Export assets to XML in the Matrix toolbar.

Importing and exporting assets between different versions of Matrix is not supported and may result in broken imports. For best results, only import and export assets between the same version of Matrix.

Imports and exports use the default context only. Any custom contexts are ignored.

Once you export the assets, the XML file can be used by the Import assets from XML tool tool to import these assets into the same Matrix instance, or into another Matrix system.

To export assets using this tool:

  1. Select an asset in the Root node field.

  2. In the Links to target parent asset ID field, select the asset ID of the selected node’s target parent asset. This asset becomes the parent that the assets are created beneath when imported back into Matrix.

  3. To specify additional root nodes to export, select More…​ and choose more nodes to include in the export file.

  4. The Self-contained relations only setting allows you to control whether to keep links to assets outside of the exported root node.

    Only deactivate this option if you plan on importing assets back into to the same Matrix instance.

  5. Select Export to begin the export process.