Remove an asset from the asset tree

To remove an asset from the asset tree, you need to move it to the trash. Assets always go into the trash before they get deleted from the system. That way, if you accidentally trash something, you can quickly recover it from the trash and restore it to its original position.

The only way to completely remove an asset from the system is to move it to the trash and then purge the trash. Read Purging the trash to learn more about purging the trash of unwanted assets.

How to send an asset to the trash

Child assets are sent to the trash with their parent asset to prevent any orphaned assets in your site. Consider the impacts of deleting parent assets if you are removing a Site asset.
  1. Use one of the following methods to begin the trash process:

    • Drag and drop the asset into the trash and select Move here.

    • Right-click on an asset and select Move to trash.

    • Select an asset with the arrow keys and press Delete.

  2. On the HIPO job screen, check any dependency impacts detected by the system:

    1. Click on each affected related asset impacted by trashing the selected asset.

    2. Optionally create a URL remap to another asset in your site to manage the navigation experience for users who have bookmarked the page you are trashing.

    Some good examples of remap assets include a "Page not found" asset, or the site’s home page.
  3. Select Next to confirm your changes and move the asset to the trash.

    If you want to cancel the operation, select Cancel.