How to change menu visibility for assets

You can control how assets appear in your website menus by changing the menu visibility of assets.

When an asset is hidden from website menus, it has an orange symbol on the asset type icon.

Hidden menu visibility symbol
Figure 1. Hidden menu visibility icon

Before you start

In Matrix 5, you adjusted the TYPE_1 and TYPE_2 link types codes to describe how assets appeared on your website. These link type values in admin screens now use the concept of menu visibility instead of the type code abbreviations.

Link types are still used in Matrix 6. However, the focus on their types is more applicable to API use cases, as described in System link values. Read Linking assets to understand why links remain an important element of how Matrix manages assets on your site.


To update menu visibility for an asset:

  1. Right-click on the asset in the asset tree and select Linking.

  2. Select the Parent locations tab.

  3. Select Edit to activate link editing mode.

  4. Change the visibility to reflect how you want this asset to appear in website menus:


    Previously known as TYPE_1, this choice shows the asset in menus and other navigation elements.


    Previously known as TYPE_2, this choice hides the asset from site menus and other navigation elements.

  5. Once you have finished your visibility adjustments, select Save.

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