6.45 release notes

June 17, 2024

This page covers changelog information for all Content Management 6.45 versions, including patch releases.

(FEAAS-754) New Content Pages did not have Metadata Schema cascaded onto them when created under a parent Content Page

Content Page assets did not implement the functions required to cascade Matrix features, such as metadata, roles and permissions onto child assets. As a consequence, assets created as Content Page children, at any depth, did not have the parent’s metadata cascaded to them. This update implements the required functions to ensure all normal Matrix schema and similar concepts are cascaded. Newly created Content Page children now have schemas, roles, and permissions cascaded to them under expected circumstances, similarly to Standard Page assets

(FEAAS-759) Menu labels for SquizLink Targets edited to improve parsability

The labels and text descriptors previously presented in the SquizLink Target menu did not make clear some options' consequences. Specifically, the relationship between a menu option and host browser behaviour was unclear. This ambiguity led to end-user confusion as to how to configure SquizLinks as they expected. This update improves the wording of the SquizLink options and ensures all fields have clear and unambiguous labels. Specifically, the options in the Target menu now note the consequences of the option choice, including making it explicit which option follows default browser behaviour. Populating SquizLinks with content and configuring them should now be simpler.

(FEAAS-763) When SquizLink Targets were changed to something other than 'Open in new window', the new Target was not reflected in the editor’s UI

When a Target option other than Open in new window was set for a SquizLink, the selected value was set (ie, the behavior changed) but the change did not present in the editing interface. This lead to editors believing they could not select the desired Target or that they could not be certain what end-user behaviour would occur when setting a SquizLink Target. With this update, when a Target value other than the default is selected, it is correctly shown in the editing UI of the component. When SquizLink Targets are changed, both the behavior and the presented option change, as expected.

(FEAAS-817) Allow component upgrades to target AB test statuses individually

Previously, when an AB test was running, the tested page could change. Since changes to the page can influence user behaviour, such changes affected test accuracy. As of this update, bulk upgrades skip items connected to AB tests by default. It is, however, possible to AB test states for which an upgrade is allowed. Now, when AB tests are running, the page will not update unless explicitly marked as being allowed.

(FEAAS-926) Move DXP components configuration to new DXP Configuration screen

DXP Components configuration was, previously, part of the Details screen. This update includes a new DXP configuration screen for Site assets, and the DXP Components configuration options appear on this new DXP configuration screen. As well, and as a consequence of this change, a new menu option — DXP Configuration — is now available for site assets.

(FEAAS-944) Components used full, static URLs to render ESI which caused go-live problems

Multiple URLs can be defined for a Matrix system and sites. The typical solution flow is to initially use a development Squiz URL, then add a production client URL just before going live. Previously full Matrix URLs for components, including the domain name, were cached at edit and save time. And, even after production client URLs were added, the cached development URLs were still used by component rendering. Also, if the development URL was removed, rendering failed. With this update, component rendering URLs are made relative to the current domain by removing the domain component at save time. As a consequence, rendering failures no longer occur when URLs are changed.

(MATRIX-6195) Error in file content update code corrected

A coding error was found in the code to update file content. This error caused requests that used the PATCH method to update files with the Asset Management API to fail. This update corrects the error, allowing the Asset Management API to update files using the PATCH method, as expected.

(MATRIX-6557) Null content type history fixed

If a Content Container’s Container Content — normally found under a Standard Page’s Bodycopy — went missing, Asset Version History returned an error when trying to save new versions. As a consequence, Pages were impossible to edit until the Content Container was fixed externally to Matrix. With this update, Asset Version History handles missing Container Content assets without returning a blocking error. Standard Pages, and other assets that use Bodycopy assets, are, now, more functional in the Admin UI.

(MATRIX-6609) Edit status HIPOs are not honoring status check threshold time limit

(HOTFIX 6.45.1 - July 16, 2024)

HIPOs that spawned other HIPOs were resetting the timer used to check against the status check threshold. The discovered reset behaviour meant that some complex HIPO jobs were timing out, resulting in the HIPO failing to complete. The HIPO timer is now initialised once per request. Web HIPO steps now reliably return to the user at the status check threshold time, eliminating timeouts in this situation.