Step 1: Import the template

  1. Sign in to your Squiz Matrix instance.

  2. Download the Bootstrap 5 Website Starter Template from the Marketplace.

  3. Select the Tools icon.

  4. Select Import Assets From XML from the Tools menu.

    This image shows the Tools drop down menu
  5. Select the Choose File button in the Import XML File field, then locate and select your downloaded template file.

    The image shows the import assets from xml window. It allows you to specify which files to import
  6. If required, you can specify a location in the asset tree to create the new site. If you do not select a location, the new site will be created at the top level of the asset tree. Use the Import Assets Under (optional) field to specify the location. There are two ways to use the Import Assets Under (optional) field:

    1. Enter the asset number from the asset tree into the Import Assets Under (optional) field


    2. Use the asset picker

      To use the asset picker:

      1. Select the asset picker icon to the right of the field name.

      2. The asset tree pane will be highlighted with all assets greyed out except for assets available for selection.

      3. Right-click the asset you are selecting.

      4. Select Use Me.

        The field will be populated with your chosen asset details.

  7. Select Import to start the import process.

This gif shows how to make Matrix fill in the parent asset field automatically. It shows the user clicking on the Chooser button

Sites, site assets, and Matrix sites - a terminology explainer

See:Matrix Features, Working with assets, and site assets for more information about using assets in Matrix.