Asset version control

Matrix stores version numbers for every asset in the system. Version numbers display in the following format:


For example, 1.3.6.


The major version number must be manually updated. If you wish to tag an asset as version 1.0.0, you can click the appropriate box on the Settings screen. For example, if you update the major version number of version 0.1.5 of an asset, the version number becomes 1.0.0.


The minor version number is automatically updated each time you change the status of an asset to Live. For example, if version 0.0.4 of an asset is made Live, its version number automatically becomes 0.1.0.


The micro version number is automatically updated when you save any change to an asset. For example, if you edit version 0.0.3 of an asset and save your changes, its version number becomes 0.0.4.

You can view version number information about an asset in the More info menu of the Matrix UI.

Asset history information

In addition to the basic information displayed in the More info menu you can also get detailed asset version history information if you have the Extensions extension installed in your Matrix system.

Once installed, click More screens  Version History to show the asset version history screen.

Asset version history menu
If you are a Squiz DXP customer, asset version history is installed and activated by default.

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