6.12 release notes

August 2, 2021

This page describes release information relating to all Matrix 6.12 versions including patch releases.


Deferred trigger processing

A new option has been added to trigger assets that let users defer the server-side processing of a trigger’s conditions and actions.

Deferred processing setting with a red rectangle highlighting the field name for clarity

Enabling this option can result in performance improvements when using triggers. This performance improvement is possible because the request that fired the trigger is no longer affected by the time it takes for the trigger to execute fully.

For example, you might set up a trigger that calls an external API whenever an asset is updated. If that API is slow, you can defer the trigger to make it run after a user’s HTTP request to the Matrix server has finished so that their content authoring performance is not affected.

Deferring triggers will not work with some trigger actions such as "Send HTTP Header" or "Redirect to URL" as they rely on making changes to the HTTP response of the user’s request.

Read the Triggers documentation for more information on how to work with triggers in Matrix.

Important changes

The following important change was introduced in this version of Matrix.

Asset version history limit introduced

Asset version history entries now store a maximum of 100 entries per asset to mitigate against infinite data scaling issues.

This limit means that when you reach 100 versions of an asset, the next time a version is created from a triggering asset update, the 100th version of that asset at the time is deleted and no longer available to view or restore.

Read the Version history screen documentation for more information about the data stored as part of asset version history.

Minor improvements

The following minor improvements were included in this version of Matrix:

  • Custom form fields now allow you to enter 0 or negative numbers for the Tab index setting.

  • Performance improvements for loading large sets of dependent parents when interacting with dependent child assets.

  • Changed the links in the screen navigation and toolbar to use <a> HTML tags so that users can right-click on those links and open screens in separate browser tabs.

  • Hid the Design option field on the Preview screen when there are no designs to select.

  • The Sign-in as feature in the toolbar now visually communicates when a request to sign in has been submitted.

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes were resolved in this version of Matrix.

  • Fixed an issue where updating the color attribute field on some screens would update all other color fields on the same screen.

  • Fixed several UI layout issues on several trigger conditions and actions.

  • Fixed an issue where links in the inline edit mode interface would not take the user to inline edit mode for the clicked asset link.

  • Fixed an issue where the versions on the version history screen showed the incorrect version creation date.

  • Fixed a performance regression issue when creating and updating assets.

  • Fixed an issue where warnings would be displayed in the UI when creating or viewing asset builder assets.