Hiding assets from site navigation

When you create an asset, it appears in your site navigation menu by default because assets get created as Menu link link types.

Sometimes there may be an asset that you want to hide from the navigation menu. For example, you might have an image asset that you do not want to appear in the navigation menu.

To hide an asset from the navigation menu, you need to change the link type of the asset to a Hidden link link type:

  1. Right-click on an asset and select Linking, or click the Linking tab to show the Current linking section.

  2. Select Edit to expand the Current linking section and make the settings editable.

  3. In the Link type list, select Hidden link.

  4. Select Save.

The asset no longer displays within the navigation menu of your site.

Read the Linking assets conceptual documentation for more information about menu and hidden links and the other link types available in Matrix.