Content editor

A content editor has limited access to certain backend UI features, such as specific tools and asset screens. Like a Backend user, a content editor can not edit assets within the site until they have the required permissions.

A content editor needs "read" permissions to view an asset and at least "write" permission to edit an asset.

Read User account type quick reference to understand the different abilities each user account type has in a Matrix system.

Allowed asset types

Content editors can view and create the following asset types:

  • Calendar Event

  • Recurring Calendar Event

  • Link

  • Data record

  • File

  • Image

  • PDF file

  • MS Word document

  • MS Excel document

  • MS Powerpoint document

  • RTF file

  • Audio file

  • Video file

  • Form assets

  • Standard page

  • News item

  • Custom form

  • Redirect page

  • Folder.

Allowed tools

Content editors can access the following Tools menu items:

  • Asset sorting

  • Bulk file upload

  • Mass clone.

Allowed screens

Content editors can access the following screens across all assets they can create or edit:

  • Details

  • Content

  • Metadata

  • Workflow

  • Linking

  • URLs

  • Preview

  • Inline edit

  • Version history

  • Logs

  • Preferences

  • Varieties

  • Memberships

Additionally, content editors have access to these custom form screens:

  • Submission logs

  • Email options

  • Selective emails

  • Incomplete submissions.

Usage scenarios

Some usage scenarios for this user account type include:

  • Your Events team needs to create calendar events for upcoming training courses.

  • Your Marketing team needs to create blog posts promoting your company’s upcoming events and seminars.

  • Your Finance team needs to publish the latest financial reports so your shareholders can view them.

  • Your Human Resources department needs to view and manage form submissions for direct job applications.