Re-indexing tool

The re-indexing tool allows you to re-index either all or a section of your site for search purposes. If indexing in the search manager has been turned on, however, the assets are automatically re-indexed whenever you save a change. Read Setting up the search manager for more information about the search manager.

The tool is available from Tools  Search reindex in the Matrix toolbar.

The Re-indexing tool section of the Re-indexing tool screen is shown in the figure:

The Re-Indexing Tool screen

To re-index a certain part of the system, for example your site:

  1. Click Tools  Search reindex

  2. Choose one of the following options:

    1. Select the parent asset of the section to re-index in the Root node field.

    2. Check the System-wide box to re-index the entire system.

  3. Select Reindex.