6.35 release notes

October 13, 2023

This page describes release information for all Matrix 6.35 versions, including patch releases.

New features

The following new features were added to this version of Matrix.

Handle large repositories with the Git Bridge

Since Matrix 6.22.0 a beta feature was introduced that allowed repositories that take longer than the PHP timeout to clone asynchronously. This beta functionality allowed larger repositories or slower servers to be used with the Git Bridge asset. This feature has exited beta testing an is now part of the product.

The Git Bridge now always processes clone operations asynchronously. This asynchronous cloning method means much larger repositories and slow servers will work with greater reliability.

Bug fixes

The following bugs were resolved in this version of Matrix.


Form Question Virus Check validation rules issues (MATRIX-5837)

Changes made in v6.31.0 made a PHP type check stricter for Uploaded File Virus Check form rules. A fatal error would occur when submitting forms with Uploaded File Virus Check form rules configured. The incorrect type handling was fixed, allowing Uploaded File Virus Check form rules to work correctly.

Component service cannot be configured without environment variables (dedicated) (MATRIX-5914)

Dedicated Content Management instances are not configured with a location, which is required for Squiz DXP services to work. This lack of location prevented customers from running the Component Service on dedicated instances without manual intervention from Squiz support. Additional configuration options were added for root users to allow a way to configure the LOCATION when configuring Component Service. Dedicated Matrix instances can now use the Component Service without manual intervention by Squiz support.