6.6 release notes

January 27, 2021

This page describes release information relating to all Matrix 6.6 versions including patch releases.


The following improvements were introduced in Matrix 6.6.

Page builder improvements

The page builder in Matrix has been enhanced with several improvements to its existing features.

You can now edit the properties and personas of components in the page builder using inline edit mode.

Page builder properties

The display conditions feature has been improved in both functionality and design. You can also now edit display conditions in inline edit mode.

Display conditions feature

Changes to the content within a component highlights the component itself to make it more apparent to the user which components have unsaved content changes.

Component content changes highlighting

How you save changes in the side-panel within the page builder has been improved. You can now make changes to multiple components at once and save them all together in a single action.

The additional save button inside the side-panel has also been removed.

Automatic editing locks in inline edit mode

Whenever you access inline edit mode on an asset, Matrix now automatically acquires the editing locks for you so that you can start editing straight away.

Matrix also automatically acquires the locks if you navigate to another asset while in inline edit mode. This improvement lets you quickly edit the next asset without first clicking the Edit button.

Preview mode improvements

The new preview feature introduced in Matrix 6.5 has also been improved with several new features.

Additional preview settings now let you control the URL and context for the asset you want to preview.

URL and context controls in preview mode

If you are previewing a standard page with one or more content variations, you can now easily select which variation to preview.

Variation settings in preview mode

Finally, the Squiz accessibility auditor has also been added to the preview screen so that you can run a full-page accessibility audit of your page to see how accessible it is against a particular standard.

Accessibility auditor in preview mode

Performance improvements

This version of Matrix introduces several performance improvements.

Importing large sets of assets using the Import assets from XML tool is now a lot faster as Matrix processes more assets in each request.

Matrix is now heavily optimized to have less reliance on the file system when storing and reading metadata in the backend. This improvement means that Matrix can save or load asset metadata much faster than before. These performance improvements are most noticeable when you edit pages containing many component templates that use many metadata fields.

This improvement also means that you no longer need to regenerate metadata whenever you make changes to a metadata schema: the changes will be available straight away.

Furthermore, the Admin UI feels faster and more responsive thanks to some minor improvements to the performance of several actions within the general Admin UI.

Custom edit layouts usage screen

The new custom edit layouts usage screen shows you all the places you use a custom edit layout within your Matrix system.

Custom edit layouts usage screen

Each listed usage will also show you how many child assets that layout is cascaded to based on URL inheritance.

Minor improvements

The following minor improvements were introduced in this version of Matrix.

  • A language attribute has been added to the <html> tags generated in the Admin UI to improve accessibility.

  • A title attribute has been added to all <iframe> tags used in the Admin UI to improve accessibility.

  • The default values for HIPO configuration screen thresholds have been reviewed and updated to more optimal values.

  • Inheritance information on the custom edit layouts screen will now also show in read-only mode.

  • Custom edit layout assignments are retained when cloning assets or exporting and importing assets through XML.


The following deprecations were introduced in this version of Matrix.

PayPal packages deprecated

Several PayPal ecommerce packages are now classified as a stage one deprecation in this release. You will no longer be able to create PayPal assets using the Matrix admin UI. However, existing PayPal assets will continue to work.

You should re-implement any PayPal functionality with alternative solutions as soon as possible. The deprecated packages will be removed entirely from Matrix in a future release.

Read the Deprecated assets and features page for more information about packages deprecated as part of this release.

system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php script removed

The system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php script has been removed from Matrix because currently supported versions of Matrix only support UTF-8 character sets.

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes were introduced in this version of Matrix.

  • Removed incorrect and unused "Secure Only Cookie" and "HTTP Only Cookie" options from the SAML Account Manager screens.

  • Fixed an issue where the SCSS design file asset would sometimes incorrectly encode special characters in content sourced from a Git file bridge.

  • Fixed an issue on the search and replace tool where picking the root asset would not find any assets to replace.

  • Fixed an issue where users with read access to an asset could change the asset’s status if it was up for review.

  • Fixed an issue where the %frontend_asset_x% keyword would sometimes not do a proper permission check.

  • Fixed an issue where the screen header’s status switcher had an inconsistent user experience compared with other screen actions.

  • Fixed a layout issue for editing form fields on the ecommerce form asset.

  • Fixed a layout issue with file upload information on the Details screen of the Form submission asset.

  • Fixed an issue where some Matrix generated CSS could interfere with the user’s design in inline edit mode.

  • Fixed an issue where selecting some persona asset attributes in the set attribute trigger action would cause fatal errors.

  • Fixed an issue where acquiring the locks on a screen that needs a HIPO would refresh the screen and scroll the user back to the top.

  • Fixed an issue where tooltips in the page builder would not show in inline edit mode

  • Fixed a layout inconsistency issue on the width of the iframe used between preview mode and inline edit mode.

  • Fixed an issue where making changes on a standard page would sometimes remove the inline edit mode option from its asset tree context menu.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking on an anchor link in preview mode or inline edit mode would incorrectly refresh the whole iframe.

  • Fixed a layout issue on the page builder where a component icon was missing from the reorder panel.

  • Fixed a layout issue with the WYSIWYG commenting feature.

  • Fixed an issue where toggle elements in the page builder would use the wrong styles and were not controllable through their labels.

  • Fixed an issue where approving or rejecting workflow bundles would not work.

  • Fixed an issue where the details screen of component template assets would incorrectly trigger the "unsaved changes" warning to appear.