The Squiz Customer Data Platform (Squiz CDP) collects data in a governed way from sources like the web, mobile devices, CRMs, call centers, and even IoT sensors.

The data is unified to create accurate, real-time customer profiles.

Seamlessly sharing unified customer data across various channels and systems helps deliver meaningful personalization and enhanced customer insights.

The Squiz CDP prioritizes customer-centric features, enabling effortless content personalization, breaking down data silos, empowering marketers to create highly personalized, authenticated experiences, and providing tools for measuring ROI on personalization strategies.

With the Squiz CDP, you can quickly build websites, portals, and intranets.

Personalization for your public website

Use Squiz CDP to define the web event type you want to track for your website visitors. Use the event occurrence to group the visitors into different segments and build your website content and interaction differently to target each segment.

The Web event type includes page view, visit, sign-in, and custom events.

Read more in the Event feeds section.

Personalization for your authenticated portal site

Use Squiz CDP to bring source data from various systems to build the single customer view profile for your portal users.

This data can come from Squiz Data Services, Squiz Integrations or the Job Runner Service. You can create data integration events and bring the update into the single customer view by defining the event mapping.

Read more in the Event feeds section.