Event feeds

Introduction to events

Events are foundational to Squiz CDP.

Squiz CDP unifies data from multiple sources so that Squiz DXP organizations can engage customers in a meaningful way anywhere in real-time. To segment users into correct groups, CDP has to capture and inspect events across various source systems. These events come mainly from web activities collected from web application request trackings and data integrations (Integrations Service integrations, Dataservice importer, and customer jobs) from the organizations' ecosystems.

They are individual pieces of data representing an action or activity taken by a user or system, such as viewing a page, clicking a call to action, searching with a particular keyword, enrolling in a program, or subscribing to a newsletter. By collecting and analyzing these events, Squiz CDP can provide businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, which can be used to create more personalized experiences to improve user engagement.

The Events section can be accessed at the following URL or by navigating to the Events entry in the menu pane on the left side of the Squiz CDP UI.

Left menu pane

Create an event feed

The Event feed functionality collects specific events based on user behaviors, such as page views or button clicks. You can also create specific event feeds from system data integrations connected to Squiz CDP.

For example, if you have your CRM connected to Squiz CDP, any changes to the CRM can automatically propagate to the Single Customer View (SCV) in Squiz CDP once the correct mapping is created.

To create an event feed:

  1. Click on the Create an event feed button:

    Existing event feeds
    Figure 1. The [Create event feed] button with existing event feeds
    No event feeds
    Figure 2. The [Create event feed] button with no existing event feeds

A menu will appear with the following options:

Managing events

Existing events are displayed on the Event feeds page.

Events are shown by name, listed alphabetically, along with their respective source and event type.

Events screen

Each entry has a menu button that offers the following options:

View details

This option will return you to the event’s screen. Any pre-populated details (except the ID) can be edited here. Click the Save changes button to save any changes you make.


This will delete the event. A warning dialog box will appear, allowing you to Cancel the action or continue to Delete event.

Using events

Event feeds can be used to monitor metrics that can offer insights into campaign success and user engagement.

To gather usable metrics, you can create segments that capture events relating to specific groups of customers.

Read the Segmentation documentation for more information.