Matrix extensions home

Matrix extensions home

Matrix extension packages let you add extra features to Matrix when you need them outside the core product release cycle. These packages are shipped as .tgz archives and can be imported into a Matrix system without requiring a full core system upgrade.

Packages can add different types of functionality to Matrix including:

New asset types

These are available as regular assets, created within the asset tree.

New tools

These allow users to perform additional system tasks. Tools are available from the “Tools” drop-down menu in the toolbar.

New screens

These add additional screens and functionality to existing asset types.

Asset version history

Asset Version History logo

The Asset version history extension lets you view the version history of an Asset, including changes to its standard fields, attributes and metadata.

Content API

Content API logo

The Content API lets you use Matrix as a headless CMS through a REST API web service.

Data search tool

Data Search Tool logo

The Data Search tool lets system owners find keywords stored in attributes and metadata within a Matrix system to help with asset auditing processes.

JSON web token

JSON Web Token logo

The JSON Web Token (JWT) extension lets you generate dynamic JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) from Matrix. The tokens can be used to integrate with third-party services and platforms that implement JWT authentication.

Personalisation framework

Personalisation Framework logo

The Personalisation Framework extension lets you add granular personalisation to your page and container assets in Squiz Matrix.

Matrix keyword helper

Matrix Keyword Helper logo

The Matrix Keyword Helper lets you search for available Matrix keywords and keyword snippets. It uses Funnelback to collate results from the Matrix Manuals site and serves the results to you as you type.

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