Beta feature configuration

If you see this hidden page you have likely been linked to it directly from a MATRIX ticket discussion about how to manage these beta feature flags.
The work was done in DOCS-1174 but dschoen in his review called for it to be removed in the MR. While the docs were correct the beta features options needed further consideration from engineers separate to the work in DOCS-1174.

If you are a system administrator, you can access a collection of beta feature toggles that let you test features before they are officially released. The features that appear on this screen may change over time or be removed, so do not rely upon these features as part of your regular Matrix system configuration.

Access these beta feature toggles from System configuration > Beta feature configuration.

Configure features

This section lists the available beta features and experimental options available in your Matrix instance.

Use x-accel header in place of transmitting PHP content

This beta feature may improve image response performance by using the NGINX X-accel header instead of relying on PHP to serve image content.

Performance monitoring

This beta feature activates performance monitoring tracing so that the system can be monitored and analyzed by an external monitoring tool.

Session data restriction

This beta feature lets you load more than one Matrix screen simultaneously by preventing UI interaction session data from being updated. The trade-off with this feature is that the Recently viewed list will no longer update.

Matrix systems that depend on session data for more complex implementations may not work correctly. Only test this beta feature if recommended to do so by Squiz.
Improved background processing for Git Bridge

This beta feature makes git clone operations associated with Git bridge assets run as background processes until they finish.

This background process approach removes the previous limitation of PHP process timeouts that halted long-running git clone operations on Git bridge assets. This setting applies to all Git bridge assets in your Matrix instance if activated.

The feature was introduced in v6.22.

Hide the Inline Edit asset tree option

This beta feature may improve asset tree load time performance, particularly when using the Binoculars to reveal the location of a deeply-nested asset in a Matrix system.

The Inline edit asset tree menu option is selectively displayed depending on whether the particular asset has inline editing enabled. In some circumstances, the calculation that determines whether that menu item should appear significantly increased the time it took to show this menu item contextually.

If you activate the Hide the Inline Edit asset tree feature flag in Matrix 6, the Inline edit option is permanently hidden from all asset tree menus. You can still access the Inline edit feature from the Content screen in all supported assets.

The feature was introduced in v6.22.