Refine log results using filters and search

The Logs UI shows you all available logs for your Squiz DXP services.

To get the most out of your Logs information, you need to narrow down the log information shown in the UI so you can focus on finding important information right now. You do this using the filtering tools in the Logs dashboard.

Before you start

Consider the following points about search:

  • The search function is a one-dimensional search across all columns.

  • Search queries such as SCV ID are treated as a string literal like "SCV ID".

  • The log level types in the first column can not be specifically targeted in the search.
    You can use these symbols to visually identify problematic log events.


To refine the logs information returned in filter results:

  1. Look for visual patterns in the first column of your log information such as error 24px red (ERROR) or warning 24px orange (WARNING).

  2. For the abnormal log level patterns discovered, use the Service column to locate the DXP service’s log name being shipped into the Logs service. For example, cdp.scv.

  3. Narrow the focus of your broad pattern search using the date and time range filter.

  4. Within the log levels types and date-time range data, use the search to further refine logs on keywords in the Message column.

Further reading

Read Use the date range filter to refine results to learn more about reducing the range of logs returned.