The dev group of commands offer access to the local component runner. The runner lets you create a local preview environmentfor your component so you do not need to upload it to the Squiz DXP to preview it.

Usage: dxp-next cmp dev [options] <source>

A local component runner for developing new components

  source                         folder containing the template files in development

  -p, --port <number>            Define port the webserver runs on (default: 3000)
  -l, --logging-format <string>  Format of log output (choices: "human", "json", default: "human")
  -nb, --no-browser              Disables launching browser when starting the server
  -h, --help                     display help for command

The logs are currently bunyan formatted and should be piped into the bunyan cli: dxp-next cmp dev <source> | npx bunyan