Invite other admin or owner users to an organization

You can invite new users as admin users to help with user invitations. If you are an owner user, you can also invite a user with owner permissions.

Only invite users you trust to join your organization as admins or owners.

Before you start

You need a minimum of Admin primary role permissions to invite an admin user to your organization.

You need Owner primary role permissions to invite owner or admin users to your organization.


To invite a user to your organization:

  1. Select Invite users from the Users page.

  2. Type one or more email addresses in the Emails field.
    You can set up multiple users by pasting a comma-separated list of emails into the field, or by pressing space after typing each email.

  3. Select an available role from the Role list.
    You can select Owner or Admin from the list if you are an owner, depending on what permissions you want to grant to each invitee.

    The role you select is applied to all invitees, so double-check this before continuing.
  4. Select Send invite.

    Each user receives an invitation email and an invitation prompt as described in Accept or ignore invitations to other organizations. The email prompts them to enter their details and set their password according to the password policy guidelines. Read more about the user onboarding process in Squiz DXP.