Customers report issues with accessing some pages on your site

A common scenario is where your website users report issues accessing some pages on the site.

You can use the information on the 404 errors tab tab to validate and fix customer page error issues before more customers experience the issue.


Customers are trying to access a page named but cannot find the page.


To resolve this scenario:

  1. Click the domain on which your users report issues.

  2. Click 404 errors.

    experience monitoring 404 tab
    1. Check the graph to see if the reported errors have increased over the last few days.

    2. Confirm that the reported page appears in the report’s Page URL column.

    3. Look at the reported error count for each error.

  3. Fix the issues with the page.

Follow up actions

Review the report weekly over the next month to ensure that error rates are dropping off for the pages you reviewed and repaired.