Register a domain for monitoring

The Experience Monitoring Service lets you monitor websites that are served by Squiz DXP systems.

Before that can happen, you need to enrol your domain into the service. Domain enrolment is managed through a request through My Squiz.

Before you start

To complete this process you must be an authorized support contact in your Squiz DXP organization.


To request a domain be enrolled in monitoring:

  1. Copy the URL for the site you wish to add to monitoring.

  2. Visit My Squiz.

  3. Click Create a ticket

  4. Click Support and service from the options available.

  5. In the request form, provide this information:

    • The name of the Content Management instance that hosts your domain.

    • The top-level domain you wish to monitor.

  6. From the Affected services list, select Squiz DXP - all other capabilities.

  7. Click Send.

What happens next?

Your domain is enrolled into Experience Monitoring by the Squiz Support team.

After everything is set up for you, the Home  Monitoring  Experience Monitoring tile in your Organization appears.

Read About the UI to get an introduction to the dashboard.