Event Subscriptions

The Event Subscriptions service can be found at Organization  Configuration  Event service.

Create an event subscription

Follow these steps to create a new event subscription:

  1. Select the Create event subscription button.

  2. Provide a name in the Name field.

  3. In the Source field, select Event Scheduler.

  4. The Event type field disappears when Event scheduler is selected.

  5. In the Target details section, choose an event Type:

Integrations flow

Watch a 4.3 minute demonstration to learn how to use the event scheduler to schedule an Integration flow.

This event type requires the following configuration information:

Flow Webhook URL

The URL of the target Integrations flow. Enter the value in the format of an Integrations flow webhook URL

API key

If required.

Integrations flow input

This field is optional. Use the Integrations flow input to define a JSON object, which will be sent to the Integrations flow’s webhook as the POST request body when the schedule is triggered. The JSON input will be validated when entered.


Watch a 4.0 minute demonstration to learn how to use the event scheduler to schedule a Job.

This event type requires the following configuration information:


Select the appropriate job from the drop-down.


Select the desired context from the drop-down.

Further considerations
  • Other fields are dynamically generated based on the requirements of the selected job. No further fields will be generated if the job selected has no required inputs.

  • Jobs are constrained by each job’s own restrictions. For example, if the job manifest defines that only one instance can be run at a time and there is already an instance running at the scheduled time, the scheduler will queue a job execution.

  • Job executions can lag relative to the defined schedule due to the time it takes to create the underlying infrastructure.


You can choose whether your event runs once or on a recurring schedule.

The event scheduler utilizes UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) to schedule events. It is essential to configure your events in UTC; otherwise, they will run at unintended local times.

UTC alert banner

  1. Use the date selector to nominate a date and time for the event to run.


Use the selector fields to set a schedule for your event:

  1. Select the broadest time interval you want for the job in the first field. The UI will present the rest of the fields required to configure that interval type.

  2. Set the remaining fields as required. The scheduler is configured similarly to cron.

Further information

  • Events can be reconfigured from the Event subscription screen. They do not need to be canceled and recreated.

  • Multiple selections are possible in the scheduling drop-down menus.