Job Runner (job-runner)

Job Runner allows users to create and upload arbitrary Node.js code within the Squiz DXP, empowering users to solve complex integration problems inappropriate for a workflow-based model.

dxp-next job-runner --help
Usage: dxp-next job-runner [options] [command]

Job Runner Service Commands

  -h, --help                                               display help for command

  uploadJob [options] <inputSource>                        Upload a new job to the job-runner
  beginJob [options] <jobName> <contextName>               Add a job to the queue
  terminateJob [options] <jobName> <executionId> <reason>  Terminate a job in the queue
  listJobs [options]                                       List all jobs
  listJobExecutions [options] <jobName>                    List all job executions
  listJobContexts [options]                                List all job contexts
  help [command]                                           display help for command
  • uploadJob

    Information about the uploadJob command in Job Runner.

  • beginJob

    Information about the beginJob command in Job Runner.

  • terminateJob

    Information about the terminateJob command in Job Runner.

  • listJobs

    Information about the listJobs command in Job Runner.

  • listJobExecutions

    Information about the listJobExecutions command in Job Runner.

  • listJobContexts

    Information about the listJobContexts command in Job Runner.