This section lists and describes all CLI commands available for the Single Customer View schema, it aims to provide a tool for developers to self-manage the schema of the Single Customer View on CDP.

dxp-next cdp schema --help
Usage: dxp-next cdp schema [options] [command]

CDP Schema Commands

  -h, --help        display help for command

  deploy [options]  Deploy an SCV schema
  help [command]    display help for command

dxp-next cdp schema deploy

Uploads a new Single Customer View (SCV) schema to your chosen tenant.

Required parameters
-p, --path

The path to your schema .json file.

-r, --region

Your nearest (cloud-based) region to upload your SCV schema and access the CDP service. The valid values for this parameter include us for the US, au for Australia and uk for United Kingdom.