Component Service (cmp)

The Component Service tools provide the commands necessary to initialize a directory structure for component development, locally develop and test components, and deploy components to a Content Management instance.

dxp-next cmp --help
Usage: dxp-next cmp [options] [command]

Component Service Commands

  -h, --help                 display help for command

  deploy [options] <source>
  dev [options] <source>     A local component runner for developing new components
  init [options] <path>      Create a new component from a template
  help [command]             display help for command

Component Service commands

  • init

    A list of commands that let you initialize and prepare a directory with baseline component structure.

  • dev

    A list of commands about developing and testing components locally.

  • deploy

    A list of commands about deploying components to a DXP organization.