About the organization dashboard

The organization dashboard lets you access your Squiz Digital Experience Platform (DXP) capabilities in your organization. The DXP user role associated with your Squiz DXP account determines what dashboard cards you can access.

If you can access multiple organization instances, the Agencies and organizations page first opens instead of the Dashboard page.
Organization dashboard page with four sections highlighted with callouts
  1. The Toolbar is where you can access your Squiz DXP account and organizations.

  2. The DXP capability cards provide a pathway into the dashboard landing pages for different features and services that comprise the Squiz DXP.

    A capability is a collection of features that, when combined, make it easy to manage an aspect of a digital experience.
  3. Inactive capabilities available to your account.
    Select any card with the inactive feature icon to learn more.

  4. Help and resource links to external sites, including user documentation, developer guides, tutorials, training modules, and DXP-ready Marketplace solutions.

Any invitations to other organizations also appear on this page. Read Accept or ignore invitations to other organizations to learn more about accepting and declining pending invitations.