dxp-next datastore bundle

Bundles your blueprint’s API specification and data model files into a single API specification file. Bundling your blueprint’s files into a single API spec file is required to configure a blueprint credential for the Datastore component in Connect.

Your blueprint must first be added and uploaded to your Datastore instance, and its Datastore service created, before you can use this bundle command.

Once this is done, the servers  url value will be added to your bundled API spec file. If your blueprint has not been added to your Datastore instance, then this value will be missing.

dxp-next datastore blueprint --help
Usage: dxp-next datastore bundle [options]

Datastore Bundle Commands

  -t, --tenant <string>             Tenant ID to run against. If not provided will use configured tenant from login
  -blueprint, --blueprint <string>  Path to your blueprint API yaml file e.g. documents/inputs/blueprint.yaml
  -name, --name <string>            Name for your blueprint e.g. MyFirstBlueprint
  -output, --output <string>        Output for your output file path
  -h, --help                        display help for command
Required parameters

The path to your pre-bundled blueprint’s API specification file (typically named api.yaml).


The name of your blueprint on the Datastore dashboard (in bold letters within the Blueprints list), which you can access through the DXP Console console. If the name of your blueprint contains spaces, enclose the name in double-quotes.


The path and name for your bundled API specification file in YAML format. Including the word bundle in the file name will help you identify which of your YAML files has been bundled.

dxp-next datastore bundle --blueprint /path/to/api.yaml --name "Online form" --output /path/to/online-form-api-bundled.yaml

Bundles your API specification file located at /path/to/api.yaml (including the blueprint’s JSON schema files), which had previously been added to (and, if necessary, updated in) your Datastore instance with the name Online form, and outputs the bundled API spec file to /path/to/online-form-api-bundled.yaml.