Nominate authorized support contacts

All customers can nominate two users to be Authorized support contacts for the organization. These users can contact the Squiz customer success team through the Intercom support tool.

If your organization has purchased premium support, you can nominate up to ten users.

Before you start

You need Owner primary role or Admin primary role permissions to nominate authorized support contacts for your organization.


To nominate a user as an authorized support contact:

  1. From the menu, select Users.

  2. On the User page, locate the user you want to nominate as an authorized support contact.

  3. Select Edit to edit the user details.

  4. Select the Authorized support contact check box.

  5. Select Update to add the user as an authorized support contact.

    The user you added will have the text "Support User" appended to their user record.

Use the page filter to search for "Support User" as a cross-check that all support users are nominated correctly.