About personalization segments

Personalization segments (or segments for short) let you create complex content variations rules that you can apply to content blocks. You can assign one or more segments to a content block to personalize content for audiences based on your website strategy.

How does personalization differ between standard page and content page assets?

With the standard page asset in the Content Management service, content authors had to manage personalization at the individual asset level.

Page Builder moves the configuration effort for personalizing content away from the content editing experience. Content editors can select what segment they need from pre-configured options available site-wide.

Providing a list of well-designed segmentation rules up-front lets content authors apply personalization consistently across a site.

Where do I configure segments?

Planning out what customer segments you need for your site is an important step in an effective site personalization strategy. Based on the customer segments you identify, you can set up complex rules that allow content authors to create the right content experiences based on customer needs.

Segments are centrally managed through your Squiz DXP organization’s Customer Data Platform service. After creating the segments, they appear as options that content authors can select in page content blocks.

How are segments prioritized to website users?

The order in which segments are selected when you Add personalization to a content block determines their priority.

segments priority order
Figure 1. Segment priority example

If a customer selects both the Is a student and High achievers segments, they will only see content tailored to Is a student if they happen across a Page Builder page with more than one of these variations configured.