Start and stop the A/B test

In this final tutorial step, you will start the test manually so that website users are served your variations, and you can collect factual data about their interactions.

For the test to work, you need to leave the test running for a long enough time to generate traffic and serve the different variants.

Artificially generating traffic is not easy to achieve in the scope of a Tutorial, so this part describes the workflow you would use if you could run a test.

Before you start

You have completed the other configuration steps up to this point in the tutorial.

You have read the documentation about viewing test results in the Optimization documentation.


To run the A/B test:

  1. Locate the Conference CTA item in the A/B tests list.

  2. Open the card and select Start A/B test.

  3. Select Start to confirm you want to begin the test.

  4. The test now shows the Running status, along with information about when the test started, how long it has been running and how many views have been recorded. You will also see a new Running panel on your page that provides you with the current results for your test.

  5. Leave the test running for long enough that visitors can view the test and interact.

    You can pause a running test if you need to. However, be careful with this choice because pausing a test can invalidate your findings.
  6. Once satisfied with the test duration, return to the Conference CTA test.

  7. Select …​  Finish to manually end the test.

  8. Select Finish to confirm you want to begin the test.

  9. The test now shows the Finished status.

  10. Wait for the results to collate.

  11. Analyze the results of the test after the results collate.

  12. Disconnect the test from the Conferences page and select the most successful variant from the results.

    If you installed Javascript to facilitate a click-based A/B test, remember to remove this as well.