Use the accordion component to display a set of items within an accordion on your web page.

Add the component to your page

When you are editing your page using page-builder:

  1. Add a component to your page by clicking the widgets Add component button or by adding a content block (by clicking the add_circle button) then clicking the add component button.

  2. Locate the accordion Squiz core component within the component browser and then click the Select button.

    accordion component select

  3. This will add the accordion component to your page.

Configure the accordion component

accordion fields
  1. The add_circle Add button allows you to add additional items to your accordion. When the component loads you will have an unpopulated item that you can fill in. This is covered in the [item-configuration] section.

  2. This allows you to choose the heading level for the item title.

  3. This controls whether or not other accordion items automatically close when a different item is selected.

  4. This controls whether a button for opening and closing all accordion items at once is provided.

accordion item fields
  1. The delete button will remove the event.

  2. Enter the card’s title.

  3. Enter the accordion item’s content.

  4. Controls if the accordion item is displayed in the open state when the page loads.