Connect the test to your content page

You set up the basic test information that the Page Builder Service needs to connect your content block to the test in Squiz Optimization.

This tutorial step takes you back to the Conferences content page asset you created to link the content to the test you want to run.

Before you start

You have completed all the previous steps in the tutorial.


To link the content block to the A/B test:

  1. Return to the Conference CTA A/B test screen you left open in the previous tutorial step.

  2. In the Test page section, verify the Content page asset field, which shows the Not connected status.

    This status is expected because when you started to create the test in your Conferences content page asset, the test did not exist. Therefore, no pathway was created between the asset and the service.
  3. Leave Squiz Optimization open and switch to the tab containing your Content Management instance and your Conferences content asset.

  4. Select Save, then reload the content page asset to refresh the tests available.

  5. Connect the test that you created to the content block:

    1. From the block you created on the Content screen, select …​  Connect A/B test.

    2. Select the Conference CTA test you created from the Choose available A/B test menu.

    3. Select Connect A/B test to apply the selected test.

    4. Select Save to apply the test variation.

  6. Copy the Domain URL in your browser for your Content Management instance in preparation for the next tutorial part.

    You only need the segment of your Content Management URL that hosts your content page.

    You do not need anything from /_admin onwards.

  7. The A/B test is now connected to your content page. Move to the next step in the tutorial to configure the content variants.