Create the A/B test

A/B tests are something that any content author or website editor can create and experiment with. Get started by creating a test from the Page Builder interface.

Before you start

You have completed the steps in Create a content page for the A/B test.


To link the content block to the A/B test:

  1. Select Edit to put the Conferences page into edit mode.

  2. Select the Content tab.

  3. Select …​  Connect A/B test on the content block you created.

    This action opens a popup where you can choose an existing A/B test or create a new one.

  4. Click the Create new A/B test in Optimization link to create an A/B test. This action opens a browser tab where you can perform a basic setup of your A/B test in Squiz Optimization.

  5. Configure the A/B test by completing the basic information fields with these details:

    Test name

    Conference CTA


    Test the assumption that a more engaging CTA will improve conference page views.

  6. Select Create to save what you have configured.

  7. Leave the webpage open, and continue to the next tutorial step.