Create A/B test content variants for a content block

You can select from and apply A/B tests to a content block in Page Builder content pages.

You can only run one test on a single content page. However, you can have multiple blocks connected to the same test variation to run A/B tests on different personalization blocks.

Before you start

Complete Create an A/B test variant and apply it to a content block to configure your test and apply it to a block.


To create content variants for a block subject to an A/B test:

  1. Select Edit to begin making changes to the content page.

  2. Locate a content block that has the header A/B testing.

    Variant A is visible by default.

  3. Add the first content variation into the selected content block.

  4. Select Variant B.

    If you decided to start with a component you are given the option to choose what content block type you want for Variation B.

  5. Create the second content variation in the Variant B content block.

  6. Select Save to apply the variations to the content block.

Next steps

Depending on how you configured your A/B test, you can now manually start your test or wait for the test to start at the scheduled time.

Read Squiz Optimization documentation for more information about viewing the results of a test once it has concluded.