Manage A/B tests

The A/B testing management screen allows you to see all the configured tests and their current statuses.

If there are no configured tests, a create A/B test button is shown in the center of the main panel.

If you have previously created any tests, these will be listed along with some additional information indicating the test status, time when the test ran (or is scheduled to run) the duration and number of views.

Click on one of the listed tests to edit the test, manually start/pause/finish the test, or view the results.

Filter the list of configured A/B tests by status, or change the sort order by selecting the desired option from the controls above the listing.

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A/B test statuses

The A/B test status is shown as a badge and is one of the following:


Indicates an A/B test that has not been fully set up. This will be automatically deleted after 3 months.

If you make any edits to the configuration this will reset the 3 month automatic deletion period.

All fields are filled in, and connected to a page builder content block. The A/B test has been scheduled but has not started yet.


The A/B test is currently in progress.


A running A/B test that has been temporarily paused. It can be paused for up to 7 days and will automatically be finished if not resumed.


A completed A/B test. Test data for completed A/B tests are stored for 6 months before being automatically deleted.