The DXP includes a suite of tools that can be used to optimize the digital experience of your users.

What do you want to do?

Optimize my site user experience

  • A/B testing

    Perform A/B testing to optimize an aspect of your site.

Improve my site content

Understand my audience

  • Understand how my search is used

    Search usage analytics provide information about the users of your search - what they are searching for, where they are located and what they are clicking on.

Improve my site’s search engine optimization (SEO)

Curate and improve your search results

  • Search curator

    Curate your search results by adding rules that are applied when running a search.

  • Search best bets

    Configure featured items that can be presented alongside your search results.

  • Search synonyms

    Configure synonyms that expand or modify a user’s search terms behind the scenes.

  • Tune the search ranking algorithm

    Use training data to optimize the search ranking algorithm for your content.