View A/B test results

A/B testing results

A/B test results

Live A/B test results are displayed while the test is running, on the Results panel.

The report can be accessed from the A/B testing management screen.

The page also displays the settings that were used to run the test.

If your A/B test is connected to multiple content blocks then the test results represent the success of a set in driving the stated success metric. They indicate whether the variant A set or the variant B set is more successful. You can’t measure how one of the content blocks performs against another. If you wish to test this sort of thing you should run an A/B test that just changes the content block you are interested in.

Export a PDF report

Once your A/B test is finished you can choose to save your test results.

Click the download report button to download the A/B test results as a PDF.

The report includes a summary, basic details on the test and the success metric.

The report presents a comparison of the conversion rates for the two variants that were tested.

pdf report

Implementing the findings

The results of the A/B test will provide you with information that can be used to decide if you wish to implement either of the variants, or to perform a new test.

The example above shows that variant A (sign up) was significantly more successful than variant B (join now) in achieving a conversion.

At this point you could choose to implement variant A on your site, or you could run a new A/B test comparing variant A to a further variant to further optimize the experience.

Selecting your variant

After you’ve completed your A/B test you can select which variant you wish to keep on your site. From page builder you can select the variant that you wish to keep when closing off the A/B test.

When you choose the variant you wish to keep the other variant will get deleted.